Base Oils & Lubricants

TLM is a leading regional trader of Base Oils, Processing Oils, Lubricants & Greases. Working with Group I and Group II Base Oils, TLM exports to Africa and India. 

Oil & Gas Supplies

TLM trades in bulk piping and flowline materials, valves, hoses and accessories for the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Power generation & Water and General Engineering industries.

Solar Power

TLM is a leading trade supplier of solar photovoltaic systems and PV products including Solar Panel Modules, Inverters, Mounting Equipment, Solar Monitoring and other solar PV peripherals including Intelligent Switches.

Agro Products

 TLM handles wholesale supply and export of Agro Food Commodities , such as Grains, Oil & Oil Seed’s, Pulses, Rice, Sugar, Dry Fruits & Nuts, Spices, Canned Foods and Specialty Products .